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A Valuable Experience

by George

I have been riding motorcycles for 35 years.  I bought my first bike, a brand-new Honda CB500T in 1975 for $950.00.  My wife recently decided to take the plunge and buy her own bike.  She decided that the best way to go about getting her license was to take the M.S.F. (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course.  She contacted Donna Zurich, the Program Director at njmctraining@aol.com and scheduled a class.

The Course is taught over a 2 day weekend and takes 17 hours.  The students receive 7 hours of classroom instruction from 8-11am and the rest of the day was actual "on the bike" training.  If you successfully complete the course and pass the road test, you are given a certificate to take to the DMV where you will receive your motorcycle endorsement on your license.

I had the privilege to sit in on the second day of the course.  It was overseen by Donna Zurich and her husband Bob.  The course was run in a very efficient and professional manner.  One might ask, " who would take this course"? well, my answer would be, anyone who is interested in learning the right way to ride and safely enjoy your motorcycle. 

The class I attended consisted of 7 men and 3 women.  It was a widely diversified group which included a letter carrier, a boat repairman, a firefighter, a school  bus driver, a construction worker, and a homeland security investigator.  The instructors stressed that you will not learn everything there is to know in the two day course but they lay down a very good foundation of the basic practices and procedures riders need to learn to safely enjoy riding. 

There is also an "advance" course available to "experienced" riders who want to "freshen-up" their skills and get rid of some bad habits picked up over the years. 

Anyone interested in attending either course can contact Donna at njmctraining@aol.com or check out the website at www.njmrt.com.  At any rate, this is a valuable experience that will make you a safer, smarter rider. 

See you on the Road, G.