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The advantage to securing a paid request is that it guarantees our attendance and your event will be photographed and videotaped from within the run. With paid attendance you will get hours of raw video and photos or choose to have us put together one or several movies and slide shows. All providing your event is on a good, clear day. We work closely with the event promoter to meet your target image goals. Many of our paid requests are from the event promoter, charities, and clubs who are looking for a variety of images from us. Not only to have a presence   on our website but also to create custom products (Event Poster, Club Profiles, DVD's).


Non Profit Organization/Event

Charity is the one reason we got into this venture. So far we have taken part in events that have raised thousands of dollars and we have not accepted a penny. We even pay the registration fee because we like to eat after a day of riding. With this type of coverage we do our own thing and we pretty much do what we want with the artistic flair. Sometimes we can arrange for coverage by a team of our photographers to cover your event from every angle. 

Due to logistics of multiple events in different locations, our coverage can be limited, but every effort is made to accommodate as many requests as possible.

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