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Advertisement Packages 

June 15, 2011 

subject to change without notice


Special Offers


Package A: $599

 Ad on Home Page 1 year includes Ad link to website or webpage

     (Ask about Biker specific hosting. See rates below.)

 Sponsor one upcoming motorcycle event, Includes Ad or 

      business  information edited into video credits. Ad run is indefinate.

 Ad placed around and within event photo slideshow. Ad run is indefinate.

 Choose two state coming event pages 1 year. Make your business a

    destination for bikers.  (Ask about Helmet Coupon )

    Click here for availability


Package B: $299

 Choose two state coming event pages includes Ad link to website or coupon

      (Make your business a destination.)

Sponsor One Upcoming Motorcycle Event. Includes Ad Link on Video Player  

      and SlideShow  pages.

       Click here for availability


Package C: $199

One State Coming Event Page Ad link to website/webpage or coupon.

Sponsor One Upcoming Motorcycle Event Slideshow only.

      Click here for availability



Sponsor Event Logo/Credits $349

Sponsor Event just Logo $199 add to each state $99

Helmet Coupon in destination section $49


BikerView.com specific webpage:

 $199/$12 month/$99yr

      We create a webpage targeted towards the biker. example: A gift shop that

      sells a variety of items can sell biker paraphernalia on a

      BikerView.com specific webpage.



All business logos can link to businesses website

Motorcycle events may include multiple pages.

Credits Include business name in event pages, videos and photo slideshows.

Motorcycle Events are usially but not limited to fund raising for any charity.

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